Friday, 2 September 2011

The 'American Pie' Clan - Back Together!

I related to the geek who wanted to score in 1999. I knew the guy, who had the girl, and they had clearly - but tentatively - explored what sex is. I envied the football-pro without really knowing his trials and tribulations regarding sex and I had a friend who wore a parka jacket in imitation of the Mods of the 70's (I assume Finch, if he was English, would probably do the same).

I watched American Pie  after a house-party my Mum and Dad knew nothing about with many friends. I watched American Pie 2 at the cinema when I was starting my A-Levels whilst I watched American Pie: The Wedding at University. I was never going to regress back to the teenage years with the spin-off films: The Naked Mile, Beta House, The Book of Love and Band Camp. Though I won't lie - I am semi-interested in seeing the inevitable cameos of characters from the original three. I hear Sherman (The 'Sherminator'!) makes an appearance and Jim's Dad pops up for the odd scene...

All those people I knew all look different but it is quite strange seeing these inspirational figures now - 12 years later. Tara Reid is [ridiculously] on the Big Brother show in England at the moment. The characters look like they have been in Hollywood. I think only Jason Biggs seems same ol' Jason Biggs.

I will be watching this in 2012, at the cinema, as if going to see some old friends. And I look forward to it. I don't know if the cast are happy about returning to the well for one last bucket - but I think we all knew when we saw that youtube video of Chris Klein (it, funnily enough, has been deleted off youtube... best get rid of bad publicity...), the American Reunion was inevitable...

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