Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Simon and Jo Show Podcast: 21/02/2010

This week, we begin where we left off - from the Haymarket - shortly before a screening of a film we will review next week. Nevertheless, the bulk is recorded from the Curzon Soho whereby we discuss the Top 5 Box Office films and, more importantly, James Cameron apologises for Avatar ... well, an apology of sorts.

We review A Single Man in more depth and consider why on earth it hasn't got more credability in Best Picture categories. To finish, we focus on the BAFTA's and the Oscar contenders for Adapted and Original Screenplay.

Finally, we stand outside the Royal Opera House as they set-up the BAFTA ceremony and we talk about Kevin Smith's Cop Out, Russell Brand and Jonah Hill in Get Him to the Greek and Atom Egoyen's Chloe.

Music is from the soundtrack to A Single Man.


  1. Well I can't remember quite where you fine gents suggested I start listening to your podcast, but I'm glad you did. This is a fantastic show you have going, and I quite enjoy the trick of moving locales throughout the show.

    Laughed out loud at the Cameron/Woods press conference...which had my co-workers wondering since I was listening to your work on headphones in an open office.

    Keep up the great work - you've scored a canadian fan.

  2. Thanks Mad hatter! Funnily enough I was only listening to your podcast this morning myself! I began listening to the coverage '5.1' of the Oscars and then moved onto the 6th podcast with the Movie Moxy is she called? I love how the people are introduced - Red Neck Zombies - christ. That is mad.

    So ditto on the podcast front!

  3. oh and, if you can Hatter, do recommend us to other potential listeners!

  4. Only if you recommend me to your listeners too!


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