Sunday, 11 October 2009

The Simon and Jo Show Podcast: 11/10/2009

So, the 3D special! Begun at the Barbican and finished in 'the kitchen: Check it out!

"This week Jo and Simon talk about 3D films and the latest releases - with a specific focus on Pixar and Disney. Films discussed are Toy Story and Up in 3D and Zombieland amongst brief discourse on the back-catalogue of Pixar studios."

That's the description ... enjoy!


  1. Rhys Bendix-lewis14 October, 2009 14:56

    Hi guys,

    Another interesting podcast. Good comment, Simon, about the edge of the screen being a problem for 3D. If a film was truly 3D then stuff would move beyond the edge of the screen. As things stands today whatever “immersion” 3D might have, it's constantly being interrupted by the limitations of the technology. I personally really dislike 3D now, and other than Avatar (just because you kind of have to), I don't intend to watch another 3D film if I can see the 2D alternative. Watching Up, I either found the 3D distracting or didn't notice it. However maybe it's just my eyes. Are you two going to continue to watch 3D?
    As for Up, I really liked the film, though it had the potential to be even better. I wish they had to run more with the idea of the disappointment of meeting your heroes, and developed Charles Muntz to a greater degree. SPOILER *Though the way the film explains how he's become a serial killer without ever being overt is brilliant.* Zombieland is also worth a look. It's a sweet comedy film about the search for family … set in a world of zombies.

    And the outtake at the end was laugh out loud funny. And Sarah's review.


  2. I'm not really sure about 3-D. Generally felt like it didn't add much to either Toy Story or Up, just a bit gimmicky. However just this week I saw some 3-D TV stuff and it blew my mind a little bit. Snowboarding, animals, Swan Lake- maybe it has better applications for real life?

    U2 3-D was more impressive then the animation stuff and I'd still like to see a horror in 3-D so I think there'll still be interesting examples to check out although doing two in one week was a little silly.

    Incidentally didn't really like Up, you're right there wasn't nearly enough time with the villain. Have Pixar got a bit cutsey/patronising/simple? I really hated the Incredibles (going beyond that's a boring film), doesn't feel like they have the innovative originality that marked out the early ones.

    I'm digging Jesse Eisenberg at the moment (although I haven't seen Zombieland). Someone should put him and Michael Cera in a buddy comedy. On that subject hunt out the trailer for Youth in Revolt. Two Cera's!

  3. You really dislike 3D! Wow. Its just a fad - just a little thing to make things interesting ... ultimately not worth it ... but Avatar should benefit having seen the trailer. Can't be a bad thing for cinema-watching - opposed to pirated and tv watching of epic films.

    Sarah shall be giving her opinion this week also ...


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