Friday, 30 October 2009

The Simon and Jo Show Podcast: 31/10/2009

This week, Jo and I look at Saw VI while Richard Bourne (see the graffiti on the right...) joins us on the show to discuss Fantastic Mr. Fox and the range of ticket prices here in the UK.

"This week we discuss, more formally, Wes Anderson's 'Fantastic Mr Fox' with Richard Bourne and Jo and Simon discuss the latest installment of Saw - 'Saw VI'. Finally we discuss the crazy prices of cinemas across the country - from Telford to Birmingham, From Shrewsbury to London!"

We're also now, officially, on itunes and the link is on the side of the blog if you want to use it to subscribe.

I must admit, I feel these podcasts are going incredibly well! But any feedback from yourselves - thinks we could improve upon would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Didn't really like this one so much....Bring back Jo!

  2. Self deprecation sir, two can play at that game.

    It's fantastic (mr fox) how similar the style, banter and analysis feels. We're all on the same wavelength and it's funny.

    The legend grows.

  3. I'm glad you like it Mr Jo - Can't wait until we get the opportunity to spa ourselves.
    Are you still up for 27/11 and 4/12? will have to get thinking of ideas for a new film related topic to bring up- i.e - prices.

    Are you planning to join us in Birmingham for the 4/12 Si? - we are watching the beautiful game on Saturday but you could stay at home and paint!

  4. My god. Just listening to it again and the bit when we talk about Gran Torino and I said about the Vietnam boy in a cage ... i had a horrific thought that the neighbours were Korean. A little research and Eastwood is a veteran of the KOREAN war ... but, thank god, his neighbours are of Hmong origin ... a group of people based in, amongst other places, Vietnam. Thank God. All PC here.

  5. Whilst I am yet to listen to this specific episode of the S&J Show (although I eagerly await hearing Rich's debut) I thought I would leave a comment under your most recent blog to say I am very much enjoying the show. I have listened to the first three eps this morning and the time has flown by in a whirlwind of merriment and interesting opinion - I was literally laughing aloud to myself as I walked around Telford Town Centre listening to your banter.
    In conclusion, I wish to express my love to you for your podcast and the joy and excitement it holds that made a somewhat bland Monday morning feel like a Friday afternoon.
    Although saying that, I have now stopped listening and have realised that it is still only Monday and I have a week of work ahead. I therefore extend a plague over both your houses.
    Keep up the good work!
    P.S - you should watch Dirty Dancing, I was pleasantly suprised by it.
    P.P.S - belated thanks for the namecheck in the Grizzly Man review!

  6. Hello to Thomas Wood - Hope you enjoy it!

    Yes Columb is important that the podcast does not slip into prejudice - at least until it is well established.

  7. Tomo! We should discuss 'Rattle and Hum' and 'Saved!'... a guest speaker methinks!

    Richard,be ready, your prejudicial views will be revealed soon enough as you shall feature again!


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