Monday, 21 December 2009

The Simon and Jo Show Podcast: 20/12/2009

Apologies for the late delivery, but it has arrived! We have selected our Top Ten films of 2009. Potential fights could happen ... who knows! We also discuss Spike Jonzes' Where the Wild Things Are and finally Jo has watched Zombieland and delivers his verdict.

Music this week from a range of places - starting with 'California Dreaming' sung by Bobby Womack, 'All is Love' by Karen-O and the Kids, Metallica's 'For Whom the Bell Tolls', Philip Glass' 'Pruit Igoe' and finally finishing with David Bowies 'Cat People'. Question is, what is the films that these five songs are related to? Answers on the comments...

I shall put up the Top 10 of 2009, with links to reviews, on the sidebar soon enough ... but so that i don't spoil the suprise now ...


  1. Rhys Bendix-Lewis29 December, 2009 22:27

    Hi guys,

    A very enjoyable show. Jo, your reveal of Watchmen being your top film of 2009, and Simon's reaction to it, is one of the highlights of all your shows so far. Very funny. Jo, I preferred your top 10 over Simon's as I felt yours was more individual. Simon's felt a little safe and critic friendly. Surely, Simon, you must have liked a film this year that the majority of critics didn't. Take a risk! Good on you Jo for putting Watchmen up there. If I was to make a list it would come somewhere in my top 10. A brilliant film. Have you seen the director's cut yet?

    All in all an excellent first year for you guys. I look forward to 2010.


  2. Rhys... [the following comment is semi-sarcastic],

    Shut the f*** up (lol). My list was well thought out and, for what its worth...

    First off, 'Where the Wild Things Are' and 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' were rarelly - if ever - in anyones polls. Also, prior to making my list NO ONE had 'Inglourious Basterds' anywhere near the No1 spot. Following our Top 10, I did find that the Filmspotting podcast folk did put it Number 1 on theirs. But I did not know about this at all!

    Secondly, Jo had only seen 5 of the films from my Top 10 (so clearly he wouldn't put them into his Top 10) ... so maybe Jo's is more individual, but then I would hasten to add that - in time - Jo may just change his list to include the few he missed thus far. And I'm sure you may also ...

    Thirdly ... Watchmen is shit. i can't believe this conversation is even taking place. I reckon Jo put it No 1 purely for shock value.

    [Please note that this message is all in jest and, though many points are relevant, the angry tone is purely for comical value and does not mean to insult]

  3. Rhys Bendix-Lewis31 December, 2009 21:31

    I agree making a top 10 list is tough because unless you're a paid film critic it's impossible to see everything that comes out every week. I wouldn't be able to make a top 10 myself as I've missed quite a few highly regarded films this year that I suspect I'll really like. To me 2009 will be the year of disappointments, with a lot of great filmmakers underperforming. However this was balanced by new emerging talent so the year wasn't a complete waste. It just hasn't been a vintage one in my opinion.
    The reason for my disapointment with your list was it didn't give me anything I didn't expect. There wasn't a single film there where I went, "Oh. I didn't realise that was so good. I'll check it out."

    This is what I mean by an individual film list. It stirs discussion. What do you think?

    I enjoyed your response by the way.

  4. C'mon Rhys give us your top ten and start the discussion!

    Personally I'm still happy with Watchmen being my number one although I haven't seen the Directors Cut and don't have it on DVD yet (I did get Basterds for Christmas). Saw Thirst on the 29th and it didn't break into the Top Ten so that's the list for me, set in stone.


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