Sunday, 17 January 2010

The Simon and Jo Show Podcast: 17/01/2010

From Londons Leicester Square - outside in the cold - Jo and Simon report on this weeks releases and news on the Spiderman 4 debaucle. To finish, they argue it out over Guy Ritchie and considering the young stars of the BAFTA Rising Star Award and the Golden Globe nominees ... lots to cover with music from the soundtrack to Up in the Air.


Update: To clarify, Bangor rep did not think Daybreakers was rubbish - and I quote: "Daybreakers was surprisingly awesome tho, it should be said! sam neill is win"


  1. You gents were all over the map for this ep.

    Can't believe that Jo isn't a Ritchie fan, at least of his first two films. They're certainly not life-altering dramas, but they're pulpy good fun with appealing actors, kickass soundtracks and snappy dialogue.

    Curious to hear what the Bangor rep thinks of Book of Eli. Bound to love it, I'd guess.

  2. Well, just walking around Leicester Square with a dictaphone. We should try doing one whereby each section is from a different part of the british isles. Now that would be a treat ... Bangor Rep's views are going to come this weekend ... he has views on Daybreakers, Sherlock Holmes and Avatar... we'll see if his cineworld pass gets him into Book of Eli...

  3. i do want to see book of eli! and predict i'll see it this week :D views on the way.

    and wheres my views of daybreakers in the episode?? rejected :( lol

    Bangor Rep

  4. Well, in response to the Daybreakers ... it was out the charts and been and gone. but believe me, other than Sam Niell, there is an incredible link to the-greatest-film-that-is Juarssic Park this week ...


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