Sunday, 15 April 2012

You May Have Missed This ...

A best-friends Wedding (Congratulations again Matt and Kerry!) and a holiday to Zagreb has kept me busy over the last week, so this is why it was an ideal opportunity to re-publish the analysis of Pinocchio and Fantasia, following the previous writing on Disney. But, I had to ensure that Flickering Myth was kept up to date so, to catch up on these posts I direct you to the site for the following comments on critics Mark Cousins, Charles Gant and Peter Sciretta.

Cousins has written about the IMDb - and the control they have over dictating his film The Story of Film as a TV-series when it has never been explicitly stated to be such a thing - though, any 15-hour film has to be cut down to be on TV...

Sciretta highlighted, again, on /Film that Total Recall (2012) has yet another piece of publicity - a commentary track to go with the trailer ... which initially had a teaser for the trailer. Too much trailer-talk for me!

Finally, Charles Gant wrote briefly about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and how, as a remake of a Swedish film, it didn't make as much money as predicted. Perhaps it is because it was a huge budget for an explicit film which will only garner a certain market ... or perhaps we are getting more comfortable with international cinema and most of us who were interested had already seen the Swedish version.

I'm trying to write about Dumbo now, and then shortly afterwards a little bit on Bambi. And then some Alien: Resurrection for the folks at Man, I Love Films.

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