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Incredible Soundtrack #22: Kevin & Perry 'Go Large' (Fay/Pope)

The music attached to a film creates the environment, I believe, moreso than the literal environment on-screen ...

Incredible? That might be a bit much, but I do know that at the time, this was a great soundtrack. Two-discs from the film, compiled by Judge Jules. I bought the CD when I was 17 and someone borrowed it, and it never returned ... until I saw the CD for £1 in Worcester earlier this year. Listening to it again brought back many memories and I think anyone who was a teenager through the millennium will appreciate the classic tracks on the CD. Additionally, its not available on itunes, yet so you really do have to hunt this one down ...

What is interesting about this soundtrack is how Harry Enfield tried to choose songs which were current and top of the dance charts at the time. A film that has evolved from a sketch on a TV-series - Harry Enfield and Chums - is a quick turn-over, so the production was fast enough to justify new songs which would remain popular when the film was released in the summer. I didn't choose the obvious tracks from the film - 'Big Girl' is an awful song, and we all know it. Eyeball-Paul (Rhys Ifan) and his songs were good, but I selected songs which I personally still enjoy listening to and reek of that late 90's, early 00's, sun-soaked, young-and-desperate, fun-in-the-sun sound.

Disc 1: Track 10 - Ayla (DJ Taucher Mix) by Ayla - These are the only versions I could find on YouTube, so sometimes they are extended versions. This song specifically has a great steady build-up and seems to capture the feeling of simply looking-out and enjoying sunshine - before turning into a must-dance-to-this dance track.

Disc 1: Track 19. - Follow Me by Lange Feat.The Morrighan - The whole, female-vocalist-over-a-vibrating bass and twinkly-melody reminds me of either Toca's Miracle or Sash!, both stand out in the late 90's as they were simply played so much! 

Disc 2: Track 10. - Sunshine by Yomanda - This one takes at least a minute to start-up, but again, captures the feeling of Ibiza. Unlike the other two tracks, I think this track needs to stop after about a minute.

And hey, if you wanted to watch the entire film well it is actually on YouTube, free-of-charge, to watch right this moment. So all you Brit-Ibiza- Holiday folks can relive the year 2000 in all of it's Harry-Enfield-and-Kathy-Burke glory!

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