Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Weekly Review: 20/05/2012

A weekly round-up of what I have been watching, listening to and discussing. Inspired by Ryan's 'Days of the Week' posts, this is a bit more all-encompassing as I think my interest in cinema and art crosses over and between a variety of sources...

This week has been busy as I have prepared and displayed an exhibition featuring all the completed Art work from my Year 11 students. It was a great success and I'm sure the pupils are proud. But, since this time last Sunday, I have managed to sneak in a few films and one cinema visit yesterday afternoon...

Highlight of the Week:

Mark Cousins' The Story of Film - Seriously, anyone who is passionate about film needs to watch this. 15 hours which covers the entire history of cinema - beginning wth the Lumière brothers and Georges Méliès and through Chaplin and Hitchcock and beyond. Most importantly - and this is what I love - it shows how every mainstream film, and indeed every Hollywood film, has its roots further afield. That's not to say that America doesn't have it share of innovators - but deep-focus was in Japan with Mizoguchi before it reached Orson Welles Citizen Kane and film-noir in the late 40's and early fifties began with the neo-realism of Vittorio De Sica in The Bicycle Thieves. This is everything I love about cinema ... and I am only two thirds in - I have another 4-hours to go!


The Raid (Finchley Rd VUE Cinema) - My only cinema-screening and it is worth the hype (and would be worth watching over The Dictator). The story is pretty bland but the action is flawless. Non-stop gun-play and sword-play and, obviously, one villain who prefers hand-to-hand combat.

Spiderman - In preparation for the reboot and it is suprising how-much Willem Dafoe comes across as incredibly camp and wouldn't be out of place in a 60's Batman episode.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes - Still as good as it was in the cinema, but miles away from the small-scale the original 5-films established. A great film.

Snatch - Only caught a little of this, but it brought happy memories back: "It's behind you Tyrone. Whenever you reverse, things come from behind you."

Point Break - Never saw this before. It's good fun and shows why Keanu Reeves was picked to lead Speed. And I love the iconic Ex-Presidents bank-robbers. Subtext there ... ?

Jackie Brown - Hugely underrated with a standout performance from Samuel L.Jackson. Check out my Top 5 Tarantino films ...


Radiohead - Listening to all their tracks on random from across all their albums. Best AlbumI have decided is ... In Rainbows.

TV/Theatre/Art Galleries/Books/Misc

The Story of Film - See Above

The Apprentice - How on earth did Stephen survive? Madness. Poor Jenny - she was stamped all over by the others and she was nowhere near as weak as Stephen I-think-I'm-important-but-clearly-I'm-not.

Community - Managed to only watch the one episode this week at the gym. Coming towards the end of season 1 now and, happy days, the second season seems to be available on itunes. Kerrching. Purchase due on Wednesday.

The Simpsons - Only watched one episode from mid-season 7. Possibly a contender for Best Episode of the Season as Bart shoplifts a videogame.

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  1. thanks for making this post! I'm going to check out this story of film thing!

  2. Definately do. It really is incredible - I think every film blogger should watch it.

  3. Great post. Helpful description of The Story of Film.

  4. Great news that you have finally caught up with Point Break which is one of my favourite flicks and shows (along with Hurt Locker) what the former Mrs James Cameron can do when given a chance. Its totally flawed, but such good fun.

    Now that you have seen it, you need to watch The Avengers again to appreciate Tony Starks "steady there Point Break" quip to Thor.

  5. Thanks Jess! Like I said, a must-watch for any and every film blogger.

    Cheers for the comment Will! I haven't checked out your site before but I have added it to my reader... and yes, I now do 'get' the POINT BREAK line from Stark! With regards to Bigelow, it is great to gvet to grips with her back catalogue


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