Saturday, 4 August 2012

Ask Me No Questions, I Tell You No Lies (Liebster Award)

So, I got this from the Public Transportation Snob, and hey, I'm a sucker for these. I'm sure I'll ramble but hey, you only live once!

1. What's the best movie of 2012 so far?

Do I want to say The Dark Knight Rises? Yeah, I probably do. The thing is, in England, the releases for the Oscars are often in January and February, so The Artist gets a look in too. The Avengers was alot of fun - but nothing more. I recently saw Jeff, Who Lives At Home, and I loved it.

2. What's the worst movie of 2012 so far?

Oooh. A tough one. I take alot of time to choose which film I want to see, so I'd like to think that I rarely watch a horrendous film. Seriously, I think you can easily see how bad a film is from the outset. Don't tell me you are suprised when Wrath of the Titans was crap. C'mon - it was always going to be awful. With that in mind, I feel my stance is slightly skewed. My worst film of the year, amongst all the awful ones, is probably the best - but I just didn't watch the awful ones. I'd probably go Rock of Ages. It just had nothing of real depth to it. Complete shits and giggles when it could be so much more!
3.What is your favorite band or artist?

U2. Big time. But lately, their exceptionally high-priced deluxe editions have put me off. I haven't bought the Achtung Baby! special edition and didn't buy the 360 live DVD/BluRay either. In both cases, the 'deluxe editions' are over £100 each!!! That is simply mental. For one album/DVD. Ridiculous.

4. What's your opinion on singing karaoke?

Got a karaoke machine when I was a young lad. One Christmas. Classic hits included 'New York, New York'. I even got involved in some theatre back in the day - played Tony in West Side Story. Big time. I love to sing.

5. Spike Lee: Overrated or underrated?

Shockingly, I have only seen 25th Hour. In fairness, he is completely on my to-watch list. I have Bamboozled on my shelf. Watch this space.

6. Although he won't admit it, does Tommy Wiseau realize that The Room is terrible?

Not a big fan of crap movies. Unless I am watching this, drunk, with friends, I doubt it is worth my time of day. Indeed, I watched Batman and Robin this year. I feel I have given enough time to known-crap films.

7. Beyond movies, what is your area of expertise for a trivia team?

Art History. As an Art teacher, I know my Caravaggio from my Constable. I know my Lowry from my Lichtenstein. My Bacon from my Botticelli. I could go on...

8. What's your favorite brand of cereal?

Probably Coco-Pops. But Weeto's have always been a safe, go-to, brand of cereal.

9. Is The Tree of Life a brilliant movie, a self-indulgent mess, or somewhere in between?

Brilliant movie. Like all forms of art, the question of whether it is art or not is a given. It's art. Is it any good? Yes - it looks magnificent. An escape to another world. And in HD, it truly is incredible. Like bathing in a sea of wonder.

10. Are you excited about the Olympics? If so, which competitions?

For me? Taekwondo. Only because it's the only one I have tickets for. Shockingly, I'm not a big fan of sport. But already, young Sarah has had the telly on non-stop and it seems Team GB have got some golds in Hoyt, Wiggins and the ol' rower girls! fantastico! Keep it up Brits!

11. What's the last movie that you watched?

Just rewatched The Dark Knight Rises today at the IMAX. Worth every penny.

My Questions:

1. When you think of home - and your family - which film first comes to mind?
2. Explain a Cinema-Story whereby something interesting happened!
3. What is the most Erotic scene in a Film? (I would say Cameron Diaz's entrance in The Mask... or 'that' scene in Wild Things)
4. Which actor would [almost] guarantee your attendance to a cinema?
5. Which actor used to guarantee your attendance - but doesn't anymore. (After Righteous Kill I cry when Pacino and DeNiro star together)
6. If you could go anywhere in the world, related to film, where would you go?
7. What is your favourite 007 film?
8. What is your favourite franchise?
9. Which film do you want a sequel for?
10. Which film do you wish could be erased and remade? (Scr3am needs to be remade)
11. What is your favourite composer/score to a film?

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  1. Wow, that is a very nice award indeed. Congratulations.

    ...Just as nice, in fact, as THE SAME EXACT AWARD I gave you two weeks prior to Public Transportation Snob's posting of his award:

    Really nice indeed.

    - TGWD

  2. Cmon, TGWD,

    It happens fella. Don't tale offence!


  3. Simon, I'm glad that you enjoyed Jeff Who Lives at Home. I caught that on DVD a few weeks ago and had a great time watching it. I definitely think you should try and check out a few Spike Lee films, especially Do the Right Thing and Malcolm X at a minimum.

    I was glad to see you respond to the award, but you forgot to list 11 random things about yourself!

  4. Thanks so much Simon! I actually already participated in this if you want to read @ . Not to flake out but it’s hard when everyone is nominating at different times. Hope this works for you.

  5. @Dan - damn! I'm sure you can find 11 random things somewhere on my twitter feed. ha ha. Have I "failed" the award? Regarding Spike Lee, I saw a boxset of 9 films for £25 - is that a good deal? is he good enough for a boxset purchase?

    @Jess - No worries. Its fine for me. Didn't know it at the time. Its all just a communal thing anyway but thanks for stopping by!


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