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The [Three-Day Late] Weekly Review: 20/08/2012

A [Three-Day Late] weekly round-up of what I have been watching, listening to and discussing. Rather than just posts about film, this is a bit more all-encompassing as I think my interest in cinema and art crosses over and between a variety of sources...

Highlight of the Week

Visiting Mum and Dad in Ireland. Always a great, restful escape from the busy-ness of London. Rather than fly, Sarah and I travelled via the Irish Ferries and it was an incredibly choppy-sail over. I doubt we will travel in this manner because, ultimately, it took 12-hours. Each way. Just too long.


Frankenweenie: Can't say nuffink. Damn Embargo.

Sleeping Beauty: Fascinating to think how this turns to all the previous 'Princess' classics and mangles them together. In an animated way that was, for the time, unprecedented. Almost Art-Deco in a way.

Cool Runnings: Sarah had never seen this (shock!) so it had to be done. And with all the crazy Olympics stuff going on, it seemed exceptionally relevant too.

Pulp Fiction: Still incredible. Should've been in the Sight and Sound Top 10 Films of All-Time. I think the vast majority of filmmakers post-Tarantino, are influenced by him in some way. Everyone from Edgar Wright and JJ. Abrams, through to Guy Ritchie and Fernando Meirielles

The Conversation: I didn't realise it had a connection to Blow-Up ... if I had known this in advance, I'm sure I would've watched it sooner.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park: I want to write a post about why this film could've been so good ... and indeed, there are many elements which are still fantastic. Unfortunately, alot of it is money-maker shlock.

Enemy of the State: We watched this mere hours before Tony Scott passed. It really is a brilliant film - and a film which, with regards to Control Rooms, Tony Gilroy should've paid more attention to this before directing The Bourne Legacy


The Hollywood Gauntlet: A third released covering The Avengers. All Hollywood Saloon fans were desperate to hear Andy and John's take on the series - at least this is 50% of the 'Saloon' giving their opinion. Indeed, we still wait with baited breath for Andy VS Hollywood...

The LAMBcast: Jason Soto is brilliant. And, after listening to them list their Top 5's I also now love Nolahn. I never realised before how isnightful he is. A great bunch of Top 5's - including the Top 5 Films that shoulda-had-car-chases and Nick's horrific Top 5 Films That He Never Wants To Watch Again. I had only seen Anti-Christ from the list... but I know of all the others... and I never intend to watch any of them!

/Filmcast: Scott Mendelhson featured on the episode discussing The Bourne Legacy. An episode which, in all honesty, I was in complete agreement with. The side-episode about the John Powell scores was incredible - David Chen really has a way with words and can describe and analyse a score so well. The parallel between the music and the themes of the story I rarely make, but Chen eloquently highlighted this.
James Newton Howard: God his soundtracks are good. Especially his Shyamalan scores - The Village and Signs.

TV/Theatre/Art Galleries/Books/Misc:

Fitness: I am eating porridge every morning. Sit-ups and push-ups every evening. Cardio every two days. I'm not in the 'zone' yet... but slowly and surely ...

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  1. Busy times!

    I caught Lindsay's attention when I was watching COOL RUNNINGS before bed one night and started quoting lines. She looked at me and said "I think you know this movie far too well..."

  2. Ha ha! Sarah liked it but thought it could've been better.

    Yeah, real busy at the mo. Theoretically I should be less busy in holidays. But you make plans in holidays don't you...


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