Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Simon and Jo Film Show: 31/10/2010 Saw 3D/Submarine/The Hangover

Back from our coverage of The London Film Festival we go from independent, arthouse and international cinema of the festival through to the mainsteam, hollywood franchise that is the Saw franchise. We covered it last year and so the episodes that covered the first five installments (dated 25/10/2009) and the sixth installment (dated 21/10/2009) have been re-released via Podomatic - as they are the final episodes yet to be uploaded to podomatic. What an opportune time with the release of Saw 3D - Our main review of the week.
We discuss lots of recent news on sequels and 3D-ness, with coverage of the London box-office and the recent trailers for Scream 4 and Paul (always a difficult one to find on IMDB...).

We finish, by discussing the final film seen at The London Film festival - Submarine - and, finally, after too long, Simon has watched The Hangover in preparation for the sequel, in the making, at the moment.



All music by Charlie Clouser from the Saw franchise. Some tracks are on itunes, but the vast majority of the earlier soundtracks are only available on CD - so you'd have to go to a site like amazon to get it. Additionally, we use a bunch of Michael Jackson to contain our excitement for his film


Every week, the LAMBcast, is released and though Simon has just took part in one - it won't be released for a few weeks yet. he guested alongside Nick at Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob and Jason of Invasion of B-Movies so you might want to check out their blogs and listen to previous LAMBcasts in preparation for his appearance...

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