Sunday, 17 October 2010

TSAJS: 17/10/2010 Let Me In/Waste Land/Manilla Skies/The Exorcist

This week The London Film Festival kicks off as we cover Let Me In, Manilla Skies and Waste Land. This precedes our coverage of the London Film Festival 2010 as over the next two weeks we shall be delivering multiple short episodes based exclusively on the film views at the festival.

But, as it stands, this episode is the usual style with the London Box-Office and latest news with, to finish, an brief overview of The Exorcist as Simon managed to catch a screening with Mark Kermode earlier in the week.



Mad Hatter who argues about Benjamin Button with me - so check out his site here (though my review of Ben Button is here...).

Movie Moxie defends Let The Right One In ... she has a blog so check that out here.

It is Fletch/Dylan/Mr Cabin's birthday so visit his blog here.

Then, if you haven't found Bournes Birthday Baffler the link is here.



A wide range of music this week! The initial three interludes are from Michael Giacchino's soundtrack for Let Me In - which you can donwload from itunes.

The music used throughout the Wasteland review and leading into the following section is a track called Isolate by Moby - again, donwloadable through itunes or bought as a CD as part of the album Wait For Me.

The 'Exorcist' track is Mike Oldfields Tubular Bells from the album of the same name, and then, to finish, a track that featured in Let Me In, though is not on the soundtrack, Let's Dance by David Bowie.
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  1. I liked Let Me In as much as Let the Right One In too. I agree that they showed too much of Abby's vampire side and the CGI was terrible. However, I'm glad there was less focus on the other people in the neighborhood (less focus on most adults in general), unlike the original, and what we knew of the lady who was bitten was only seen through Owen's eyes. And the car scene was amazing!

  2. Thanks for your comment! I am due to watch LET THE RIGHT ONE IN again soon enough, but im glad im not the only one who saw the special effects as jarringly out-of-place in such a calm film. The acr scene, truly was amazing!

  3. Also, totally forgot to mention that I got 7/10 on Bourne's latest Brain Baffler. It would've been 8 had I gone with my gut instinct on the Logan's Run question. Alas I was off by a decade. And that 70s game show disco music really takes over the brain.


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