Saturday, 19 November 2011

Three Film Blogs I Thoroughly Recommend

In the past week I was exceptionally busy. I was leaving work late and getting in at a silly time in the morning - the weeked ended on a high as many things in the world of Art teaching were looking good.

The thing is, when I get home, I then think about blogging. I have to write something don't I? Anyone who has followed this blog will know that I am temperamental. Unlike some writers, I physically cannot write a post every day. I try, but I can't do it comfortably. And when I do, the typo's are appalling and show that I clearly haven't re-read the text before hitting publish.

This forces me to set myself challenges. Specific goals I'm working towards to ensure that I keep improving my writing and understand cinema on a larger scale.

This leads me to contribute to other sites. Contributing ensures that I manage a more work-ethic approach to film-writing. That doesn't mean I don't like it of course, it just means I need to prioritise and prepare on a weekly basis and this, in turn, ensures my approach is more professional.

Armond White highlights the difference between Film Enthusiasts and Film Professionals - and I could write a whole post about the definitive difference between the two. I aspire to be a Film Professional because I love cinema and, like any profession, it requires dedication, commitment and perseverance.

The following three sites are not in any particular order and are just a way for me to explain why I respect and admire these blogs - and are proud to contribute to their sites.

Flickering Myth - Back in the days of The Simon and Jo Film Show I first noticed this blog. Amongst other writers, Luke Owen wrote extensively on different franchises - Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th - and, most recently, writing about trilogies such as Scream and Jurassic Park. The site is UK-based, which means the films discussed are much more in line with my own interests and preferences. The site wrote extensively on the London Film Festival and, only in the last week, my first post was added to the site. My articles will be exclusive to Flickering Myth and are 'Comments on the Commentators' whereby I will be commenting in response to articles in the press. Thanks to Gary for taking me on board!

The Matinee - Ryan seems to listen to alot of podcasts. Whenever I tune into Reel Insight or Frankly, My Dear there is always a mention of Ryan's letter during the week. Ryan became the only guest on The Simon and Jo Film Show when we reviewed Green Zone and then, again, reviewed the film on his podcast The Matineecast. Following the end of my own podcast, Ryan approached me to co-host a short 12-part series on different directors and I gladly accepted. This ensured a more analytical approach to directorial styles, approaches and interests in my favourite medium of podcasting. Suffice to say, we enjoyed the first bunch and are in the process of creating a few more episodes so stay tuned for that ...

Man, I Love Films - Six months ago, Dylan of Blog Cabins and Kai of The List joined forces to create the blog Man, I Love Films. Dylan was one of the first listeners and supporters of The Simon and Jo Film Show podcast - indeed, I am sure that his praise and highlighting of the podcast on his own blog is what garnered us The LAMB following we eventually built. Suffice to say, Dylan asked me to write Classic Film Reviews and initially providing an opportunity to explore context of films pre-1975 and then analyse a films meaning, recently over the last two months, I have taken the same analytical approach to Classic Film Franchises - specifically Star Wars and Rocky. My continuing interest in film-analysis is cemented in this regular writing and I always look forward to watching - and then writing - about films for the Classic Columb.

These are great sites that I am proud to place on the site and support where possible. I am sure that if you read this blog, you must be aware of a few of these sites but make sure you check out the others.

For me, and now my writing, they all offer different focus-points on cinema that will ensure you learn and become more literate in the world of cinema.

Nb - It seems that The Simon and Jo Film Show is what links all these eventual connections ... maybe its a sign...

Large Association of Movie Blogs


  1. I need to check out Flickering Myth its the only site I'm not familiar with of these three.

  2. Indeed, do check it out! Its a great site.


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