Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Simon and Jo Show: Review of 2011/Mission Impossible

Yup, that's right! Over Christmas, Jo and I managed to record a new episode of The Simon and Jo Film Show to review 2011, revealing our Top 10, and watching all four Mission Impossible films to boot!

All the backing music is from the film we discuss and the same goes for each Mission Impossible film.

I know, I know, I released my Top 5 films already on Ryan's Matineecast, but hey - you haven't heard my Top 6 through 10 and, no one has heard Jo's Top 10 at all! As usual, both Jo and I didn't reveal our choices to each other so you hear our gasps and cheer as we hear what each other chose!

Without furtherado, have a listen and catch up with Simon and Jo!
Indeed - please spread the word! And, as usual, it is still conected on itunes and can be easily found on podomatic. But you can always just press play and listen to it on this site!

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  1. Great show guys! I'm currently listening to your MI discussion but here's links to my top eleven of 2011:

    I also tweeted Simon my worst of the year which is X-men First Class, Suckerpunch and Green Lantern.

  2. Thanks Joel - how was the music? Not too overbearing was it?

  3. Hell no, to be honest I noticed it only on the top 5's but it wasn't distracting at all.

  4. The music is pretty good i thought. My favourite part of the editing.

  5. I know I'm wildly tardy with this, but without a backlog of TSAJFS's piling up, there wasn't as much pressure as there is with other weekly shows I listen to. Hint hint - come back!

    Which is to say, I really enjoyed hearing you two at it again, even if each of you riled me up at times. Jo's inclusion of Beginners as one of the year's worst was the highlight there - how ridiculous. And Simon, you tried to bag on Tinker, Tailor as much as you could, but I wasn't buying it. Though I did love the grief you gave Jo on his lack of interest in either War Horse or Tintin...sounded pretty familiar (though I actually am interested in seeing Tintin, just not enough to satisfy you).

    The Mission: Impossible look-back was good as well. It's not too deep a series, so I enjoyed the quick analyses of each.

    I must say, bizarre ending to the show. It just kinda stopped...and then played 2 more minutes of TDKR music.

    So...gonna do more of these??

  6. Hello Dylan!

    In the first instance, it doesn't seem likely that these'll be common place. Don't see as much of Jo nowadays as he works at the BBC! Not to mention that judging from the four comment-ers, fact that two of them are the two presenters, we're hardly sought after!

    Haven't seen BEGINNERS yet and I was very confused conisdering the love it got (especially from Sam Fragosa).

    Thanks for listening Dylan!


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