Monday, 30 January 2012

You May Have Missed This ...

As I write for a couple of blogs, there are the odd articles which are not re-published on this blog and rather than inundate you with retweets, a simple overview and a link to the relevant post should suffice. I am sure that you have had enough Top 10 Films of 2011 from me - but if you don't know, there are further details on Man I Love Films. I won't republish it here as I would assume you've listened to the podcast if you read this blog.

All my articles for Flickering Myth are exclusive to their site and, though they are time-specific (Commmenting on articles in the  [often UK-based] press from the previous week) they may initially seem out-of-date already but I think you may find some interesting talking points...

My latest post titled Cinema: The Noble Art Form tackles the attitude that literature is the "higher" form of art in comparison to Cinema. The week prior I wrote about Changing the Expectations of Cinema... - in response to the criticism regarding audience members who demanded their money-back after a screening of The Artist; They were not aware of the silent, black-and-white nature of the film. Finally, Kim Novak ridiculously claimed that she felt "raped" (!!!) by the use of Herrman's score in The Artist - why on earth would she say such a thing?

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