Sunday, 4 March 2012

Olympics 2012 Poster - No, no, no...

I keep seeing this poster for Olympics 2012 merchandise on the London Underground. In a 'Where's Wally' style, I have found the following:

Who is the most Pathetic Person in thic 'Cafe'?

This guy has bought a cap, t-shirt and look at the bag crammed full of Olympic merchandise and, to make matters that much more pathetic, he is reading a book on the Olympics. Who on earth would ever consider looking like such a twit.

Of course, he is sitting alone and with a olympic mug, he sits waiting. You can only imagine how he cries himself to sleep in the evening.

Which group is the most pathetic?

This group of girls, laughing and joking have bought two crammed-full bags of Olympic merchandise. They all wear Olympic T-shirts, whilst gathered around coffees and teas. What on earth could they be laughing about? What is the conversation? "Hey, I look like a fool!", "Yeah, me too".

What type of place is this?

The only group who look vaguely normal are the construction workers at the back. They only seem to be wearing t-shirts - probably second-hand - which due to the nature of their construction job means that they are well-aware of the disposable value of this merchandise. Thye will wear it and let the t-shirt rip and get scuffed over the many years ahead.

But they must be embarressed to even be sitting in a place like this.

If I go to any coffee shop during August and this is the state of the room, I will be mortified and leave very quickly.


  1. I got a laugh out of this. "CONSUME!" and "NATIONAL PRIDE" is about all it seems to scream, and screaming isn't the way to make those things happen, I don't think.

    WTH is a "brolly?" You funny Brits...

  2. A "brolly" is an UMBRELLA! of course!

    Whats a "trunk"? the nose of an elephant! Whats a fanny? the FRONT bottom of women ... you US folk and your funny words ... he he


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