Monday, 5 March 2012

Steady Increase

Just a quick post ...

A really great example of the support I have received over the last year. Crucially, the far right-side is the hit from yesterday.

I'm not about quick-hits for downloading screen-shots, I'm all about analysis and conversation and the decent page-view times has added to this fact

Thank you to my readers and, to all my new readers, remember there is much more analysis on many, many more films on the left-side bars so please have a look around!

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  1. If I may ask, where did that big bump derive from? Either way, good news on both the steady climb and the big jump.

  2. Well, it is surely a combination of (a) much better and regular use of Twitter, (b) writing for Flickering Myth on Sundays and - I would think the increases initially began - when I started the Classic Columb for (c) Ma I love Films!


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