Monday, 20 January 2014

150W: Nebraska

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Nebraska (Dir. Alexander Payne/2013)

Sideways Director Alexander Payne has shown his share of conflicted men. In Nebraska, Payne’s most confident film to date, we travel across the states as frail seventy-year-old Woody (Bruce Dern) is taken to Lincoln by his considerate and compassionate son David (Will Forte). On the promise of $1,000,000, Woody is convinced that spam in his letterbox is real, spurring the road-trip - but as they take a detour to visit relatives, the pair realise that blood lines does not guarantee kindness. Shot in stark black and white, Payne directs Nebraska with a clear focus on generational differences and modern expectations. While Woody reveals how his Uncles help build his family home, his own brothers resent and argue that they are due a “token” from his assumed jackpot. An alcoholic and distant father, Woody is a broken man with his own cross to bear proving how an aging father deserves dignity.

Rating: 9/10

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