Friday, 26 September 2014

Twenty Years on... The Top 10 Friends Episodes (6)

This continues a post from yesterday...

It was originally written for Flickering Myth on September 22nd 2014 but will continue to run on the blog this week. And at number...
  1. The One with the Nap Partners (Series 7, Episode 6) -

I originally watched this as the 'uncut' episode on the DVD’s. The very nature of two guys enjoying sleeping with each other (with no homosexual undertones) is unlikely - but I think Mr Heterosexual Joey and Always-In-Love-With-Some-Girl Ross meant that this episode plays for great jokes throughout. On the uncut episode, I vividly remember a section whereby Ross and Joey are 'testing' Phoebe and Rachel on being Bridesmaids, and Joey attempts to force Ross into a nap. I was in tears watching it... but alas, I have not seen the sequence since. It isn’t one of the few uncut episodes on the BluRay and the original DVD’s have been discontinued.

The countdown continues tomorrow ... 

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