Saturday, 27 September 2014

Twenty Years on... The Top 10 Friends Episodes (5)

This continues a post from yesterday...

It was originally written for Flickering Myth on September 22nd 2014 but will continue to run on the blog this week. And at number...
  1. The One with the Stoned Guy (Series 1, Episode 15) -

There are a lot of cameos in Friends (Brad Pitt in The One with the Rumour, Billy Crystal and Robin Williams in The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion, etc). Jon Lovitz is one of the few who makes two appearances. This is his first appearance in season one, his second comes in the final season as Rachel dates him (in The One with the Blind Date). The funny thing is, he is the same character in both. As a chef owner, who is high on drugs, Monica attempts to show-off her culinary skills with Rachel playing waitress. Throwing Cheerios (“Save yourself!”) and Phoebe miming his drug-taking are unforgettable moments. But the funniest line remains: "Tarlets .... Tartlets ... Tartlets ... the name has lost all meaning".

The countdown continues tomorrow ... 

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