Sunday, 8 November 2009

The Simon and Jo Show Podcast: 08/11/2009

British Special! Whoop whoop!

"This week, as part of a British Film Special (with a little French music) we look at An Education, Harry Brown, Starsuckers and the nominees for The British Independent Film Awards."

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  1. Does a film having a British sensibility mean that it will have very orderly queues at the cinema?

  2. i don't know about that ...I had a huge queue outside An Education. People were getting irritated.

  3. Halfway through this one right now. Really enjoying your guys' podcast. As a bonus, I got a shout-out! That was a welcome surprise.

    How did you think Kiefer Sutherland - er, Peter Sarsgaard did at pulling off a British accent?

  4. I should say - I saw An Education as well recently and would give him about a B-/C+ for his effort. Enjoyed the film overall, though I was a bit bothered by just how stupid so many of the characters were acting.

  5. Sarsgaard's British accent didn't bug me - didn't even cross my mind which means it was really good! Well done Jack Bauer!

    I have to admit, you'd never get into a car with a stranger nowadays but then I guess that was the sixties. But be careful Fletch ... its based on a memoir so Lynn Barber might hunt you down!

  6. I did a double take when you mentioned the Kiefer connection to Sarsgaard on the podcast. It's one I would have never made. I don't think they look all that much alike, but there is something about the eyes, I suppose.

  7. Rhys Bendix-lewis20 November, 2009 21:50

    Hi guys,

    A good podcast as always. Thanks for the mention. It's good that The Unloved has a nomination, but only one?
    I was surprised, though, that given it was a Britism film special you didn't explore what constitutes a British film. Is it purely financial? Or to do with location? Or cast and crew? It's a complex topic and one you could have had lots of fun with. You also didn't discuss your favorite British films.
    Ending on a positive, though, you guys are really good at discussing films and not giving things away, something other film critics, cough cough Kermode, could learn from. Keep it up.



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