Sunday, 15 November 2009

The Simon and Jo Show Podcast: 15/11/09

Bonjour! Regardez les musique! It's a music and French special combo! The films in focus this week include Ortega's This Is It, Dreamgirls and Once when we look at music while the French films are Mesrine: Public Enemy No 1 and A Prophet - the London Film Festival's Best Film winner! Plus some details on our Welsh correspondants recent viewings ...

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All the reviews on itunes are much appreciated!


  1. Wanted to let you guys know that I am officially a big fan of your podcast. I hadn't seen 80% of the films diccussed (either due to a lack of interest or the lack of a stateside release), but it mattered not. You two have a great rapport. My only complaint? Not long enough!

  2. Thanks Fletch! I have subscribed on itunes to the LAMBcast myself but my PC with itunes on broke! (hence i can type this but not listen to podcasts!) All the desktop files gone. Ka-put. I have looked into that Gcast site for hosting the podcasts (there are not many choices with the one we are hosted on at the moment) - any good?

  3. Gcast seems to be pretty low-fi, but I haven't run into any problems with it. It's free, there are some rudimentary stats, and it's relatively quick at uploading/publishing to the feed. I'd give it a recommendation, though maybe a mild one.

  4. Rhys Bendix-lewis20 November, 2009 22:03

    Hi guys,

    A strange topic this week. I enjoyed the whole podcast but the films chosen, other than the new ones, seemed a bit random. And you weren't connecting them or defining the music film genre, or French Cinema, in anyway. It didn't seem that thought through. Not that this mattered terribly when both of you were on excellent form. There's definitely something special there.
    Finally, given that you go through the top five every week, often going over the same films week on week until they drop down the box office, why don't you just talk about the new entries in the top ten? You can still briefly mention the top five, but you'll have more to talk about. Unless you don't do that because of time constraints.

    Will there be a podcast this week given Simon's unfortunate incident? Here's hoping.


  5. Fletch,

    Yeah, I think I'll hold back in changing sites for a little bit as the one were on is fast at uploading and what not - which is a priority.


    Hmmm... This Is It (In the charts) and White Ribbon (Just released), without spilling over the 25mins length, I mentioned watching Dreamgirls the week prior alongside This Is it and did so! While Once is the complete opposite to Dreamgirls as a musical in every possible way. Mesrine is still accessible at cinemas (the double bill on at the BFI in December) whil Prophete was a film we had said we'd discuss weeks ago but never did. So we rectified that here.

    But you're right. Probably could have been a little more thought-through.

    We are considering some type of reboot after Podcast 10 with a clear structure and stuff ... so all this advice is taken on board.

    Anyone else?


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