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The Simon and Jo Show Podcast: 29/11/2009

Beaming from Simon's blog, the Richard and Jo Show ...

"Well, this week Simon is missing - but alas, Richard fills in with Jo as they run down the Top 10 Films at the UK box-office while discussing in more detail The Men Who Stare at Goats, The Good, a review of Film Festivals - Brighton Film Festival and The Wales One World Film Festival amongst others. Finally the world of adaptations is discussed ... from stage to screen ... Richard and Jo explore them all!"

I hope you enjoy the show folks!


  1. Hi, I listened to the podcast this week; only found it the other day. A few things I might be able to add about the His Dark Materials matter. I met Philip Pullman in Leeds last year and asked him about it. He was really happy with the film (I don't particularly share that opinion but I don't think it was awfull); he said that he wanted to break the series out and make it as epic and meaningful as the books - Remember the greater meaning didn't really surface till Subtle Knife anyway so in that respect the Fantasy-adventure heavy film wasn't too far removed from the book.
    He explained (claimed) that it was almost completely down to the Christian right wing in America that flogged the film to death and scared off distributers. This then caused it to bomb at the box office and kill off any hope of the sequels.
    I too have seen the stage production, but my experience was a little different. I saw the first half in London about 5 years ago and it was amazing: Setting was brilliant, acting, all of the theatrical techniques to bring the daemons to life. On the other hand in a similar experience to your own, I saw the second half in Leeds this year and it was abysmal, which was a real shame.

    On another note regarding adaptations, it is important to note the naughties' explosion of superhero/comic book adaptations. The interesting thing here is the fact that more often than not they are not direct adaptations but take the characters and fashion a story loosely based on over 50 years of history and mythology. On the other hand you get scene by panel conversions that are uber-stylised like 300 and Sin City.

    Good show, I've subscribed on itunes and I have the one from last week about Barton Fink on hold as I have had the DVD on hold on my to watch shelf for over a year now and this may finally push me to actually watch it.

  2. Thanks Destory-Empathy (or shall I call you D?),
    Interesting views on His Dark Materials adaptation to stage - do you think anyone liked it? Who knows. I think you are right about the comic-book adaptations - and I can tell you myself that both Richard and Jo have their strong opinions on some adaptations - personally, read my review on 'Watchmen' to see how frustrating I felt that was.

    Yeah, enjoy 'Barton Fink' though - it really is great! But as a Palme D'or winner there is every reason to watch it!

  3. Coming back on that comic book stuff...

    Feel like all that could be a discussion in and of itself. I know we stretched from stage to book adaptations but going again to pictures just woulda widened the scope too much.

    I'd love to talk with Simon and comics and graphic novels and the difference and in particular Watchmen. All I can say is Watch These Men!

    Barton Fink... Not as cool as The Dude.


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