Monday, 10 May 2010

The Simon and Jo Film Show: 10/05/2010

This week the 'Simon & Jo Film Show' comes to you from London's glittering West End! We start outside the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden with news of an exciting development in the career of young Lindsay Lohan. Then it's off to the lovely Curzon Soho for a review of Four Lions from Simon, as well as the Top Five London Box Office, our thoughts on the latest movie releases and a bit more news including speculation on who'll be taking on the part of Lisbeth in Finchers Girl with a Dragon Tattoo.

We take a trip back in time to talk about a pair of fifties classics. There's sexual tension aplenty in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and some tense legal debate in 12 Angry Men. Finally we end up in Leicester Square speculating on the latest exciting trailers for Machete, Street Dance 3-D and Countdown to Zero.

Shout out to the Dark of the Matinee, Movie Moxie and Toronto Screen Shots for 'Hot Docs', a great documentary festival in Toronto.

Music is a mish mash from Four Lions, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and 12 Angry Men... 
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  1. Hi Guys, glad to hear you liked Four Lions, I went to see it again this week (after the Bradford Premiere) and enjoyed it just as much for the funny one liners, i.e. "fuck mini-babybells". I was also happy to see it very well attended for a Sunday afternoon aand I dragged my wife along who also loved it.

    Just to add one thing to what you said about the way it shows two sides of Islam (through the scholarly brother). Yes he disapproves of Jihad, but considers it fine to lock his wife in a cupboard. therefore this far from shows a better side of Islam. hmmmm.

    Haven't heard the show in a while and I've just had a back up session and listened to the last few weeks.

  2. Great show lads - and many thanks for the shout out! Talking up all these docs has been a bit of an uphill push, but I'm glas to hear that you both are interested in hearing about some great nonfiction.

    You were one of the first places I heard about EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP, so hopefully just one of my recommendations can return the favour.

  3. Thanks for the shout out guys! Hot Docs was awesome, although... tired & recovering from the festival now!

    I missed The Parking Lot movie :( Actually, it didn't make my list til I started hearing the hype and Kurt's review on the Row Three cinecast - now I'm wishing I saw it!

    Thrilled that The Disappearance of Alice Creed is on the London top 5 Box Office (didn't make UK top ten though... /cry). It's out here in Canada Aug 20, 2010 through Maple Pictures woohoo!

  4. @Destroy Apathy -yeah, Sarah said the same thing about the whole women in cupboard scenario. But, I argued, as ridiculous as it is, it is a cultural thing and is what it is. In the privacy of your own home, fair enough. I think its sexist, i think its harsh and strange - but, if thats what islam is - so be it. Fact of the matter is, Terroism is not linked at all. Clearly, the 'lions' have very little understanding - if any - of the teaching of islam. Opposed to his brother who follows it by the book - with all its ridiculous expetations.

    @Hatter - 'Exit Through the Giftshop', funnily enough, I have yet to see but I have heard a helluva alot about it after its american release. I think I'll try to have a gander. But yeah, I think all the documentaries you mentioned, if they make it over hear, should perk my interest now.

    @Movie-Moxie - That was the podcast I was trying to remember - Kurt on Row Three! - but outside of his support, their hasn't been much else. Disappearance of Alice Creed will be hunted down by moi ... but just not opening weekend...


  5. So...why were you guys whispering when you were at the Curzon? That's not normal...

  6. @Fletch - I don't know why we whispered. Jo started it off whispering so ... I simply kept in line. Next time i'll shout.


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