Monday, 24 May 2010

The Simon and Jo Film Show: 23/05/2010

The Simon and Jo Film show comes to you from sunny Clapham, the new home of Simon and very close to the home of Jo. There's a bit of film news to cover, including a brief discussion of Megan Fox and what she brings to the table as well as some speculation on what's going on in Cannes.

Our main focus is the madness of Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans which we were fortunate enough to see in March and is just now getting a UK release. It's suitably surreal stuff from Werner Herzog.

There's the latest London box office and a rundown of the latest releases before we launch into a Woody Allen debate. Simon is the defence, having just seen Play it Again, Sam and Jo prosecutes from a position of not wanting to watch any Woody films ever again. Sparks fly! Finally there's trailer talk with a focus on clips from films that are showing in Cannes and a quick prediction on who might win the Palme D'or. Turns out we're both wrong, congratulations go to Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives. Crikey.

Shoutouts to Nick on Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob and the philosophising of The Kid in the Front Row, and obviously the link for our Lammy Nomination...

Music is from Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans and Casablanca (which is a nod to Play it Again, Sam).

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  1. Very interesting (and lengthy) debate on the Woodman. I think I fall in somewhere between the two of you, but probably a bit closer to Jo. I can appreciate some of the innovation he's brought, and I would applaud how prolific he was, were it not for the fact that he more or less makes the same movie again and again.

    I think what I might like to do is akin to what you're doing, Simon, and go back and watch a number of his classics; I've seen Annie Hall, sure, and maybe one or two others from the olden days, but mostly I've seen his work from the mid-90s on, and it just seems to get progressively worse, with a rare pretty good one (Match Point).

    Man, I really gotta see Bad Lt. already...

    Good luck with the Lammy nom. And hey - I gave you a rating on iTunes (I'm almost positive), but I think it went away with the Podomatic switch.

  2. @Fletch - i wouldn't be too supportive of 'Match Point', Jo despises that film (though I think its incredible!! Maybe thats the make-or-break movie, if you like and 'get' Match Point then you're a Woody Allen fan, if not...).

    Yeah, in the switch to Podomatic, we lost, like, three reviews and 6 ratings on itunes which was pretty annoying. Hopefully, it'll all balance out in time.


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