Sunday, 16 May 2010

The Simon and Jo Film Show: 16/05/2010

We're coming to you from the mean streets of East London. This week the Simon and Jo Film Show starts outside the Rio Cinema in Hackney bringing you some of the latest news from the cinematic world, including a few titbits from the Cannes Film Festival. Once inside Jo has a review of Hot Tub Time Machine, which does roughly what it says on it the tin and a little bit more besides. There's the top five films in London and random thoughts on the new releases as well as more shocking news featuring the latest twist in the career of Willem Dafoe, star of Antichrist.

Lucky Simon has seen Robin Hood so he can discuss the latest Ridley Scott-Russell Crowe epic, especially in relation to Prince of Thieves. Then we're back outside the Rio Cinema to chat about some trailers, Super-8, Easy-A, Waiting for Superman and The Killer Inside Me.

Shout out to the LAMBcast, about to announce some Lammy nominations...

Music is from Hot Tub Time Machine, let's get it started in here!
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  1. A LAMBcast shout? Sweet! Can't wait to listen.

  2. Robin Hood is Epic.. More epic than Prince of Thieves for sure but not as epic as Gladiator, just almost.

  3. I forgot to comment on this one last week - I think this was (or is close to) my favorite show yet. Dug the music (some of it too me back), dug Simon trashing the new Robin Hood and giving love to the Costner version, dug the Dafoe diversion. Great all-around.

  4. @Jaccstev - But Prince of Thieves is so much more 'playful' than 'Robin Hood' Thats my argument at the very least.

    @Fletch - Jo chose the music and yes, fantastic music he chose too! I'm always wary about being too positive about most films, but I sure didn't like 'Robin Hood', especially considering the lack of support of Costner in the current Robin Hood backlach: "At least his accent wasn't as bad as Costners...". Motherf...

    I also saw the Dafoe advert on TV too... strange stuff. From Antichrist to Peas.

  5. Also feeling like this is our best yet. All the different elements came together in an explosion of comedy and opinion.


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