Sunday, 9 October 2011

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I wrote about Star Wars on Man, I Love Films and I have spent all of this week listening to the Nitrate series from The Hollywood Saloon. I paid for it and wrote about why here, but for those who still have yet to experience John and Andy at The Hollywood Saloon you have a new episode, free of charge, available whereby they discuss Tintin and the importance of the foreign market - are we going to get better or worse films now that Hollywood are focussing their attention on winning over the world-market rather than merely the US-territory.

I only watched Drive last night and it seems that Ryan Gosling is everywhere - Drive, Crazy Stupid Love and The Ides of March. In the first instance, Films from the Supermassive Black Hole compared Gosling to another similar actor whilst Ryan reviewed The Ides of March.

I found an older post on Anomalous Materials and, upon commenting, I feel like I have made an enemy in Ben Cooper. He wrote his Top 5 James Scores - and I disagreed ...

On Big Thoughts From a Small Mind, a post summarised why Pete Posthelwaite was so important to Hollywood. On watching a section from In the Name of the Father I was reminded about how great he is too. He will be missed.

One more? Nick has now seen all three Godfather films - and, as everyone, he was underwhelmed with The Godfather Part III...
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