Monday, 31 October 2011

Across the Blogosphere...

I've been busy this Half-Term. Covering a few films at The London Film Festival, continuing the Star Wars posts for Man, I Love Films, managing to watch a special screening of The Matrix and even squeezing in an analysis on the new Tintin film! I have also tried to re-organise some of the scroll-down menu's if you wanted to see some analysis of some other films - in fact, I wanted to re-release the analysis of the Saw films, but decided against it.

But, blogs continue to build with posts coming from every angle so of course I have been reading a few and I thought I'd highlight a couple...

I have seen many adverts for the release of Coppola's The Outsiders as it receives its bluray release, inevitably many blogs write about it. One that caught my attention was Marc Foster's coverage on ToWatchPile...

The release of The Ides of March has ensured the LAMBcast and Ryan's Matineecast both review the film - but alas, I haven't seen the film. But it doesn't matter, Sam Fragosa's passionate argument against walking-out-of-the-cinema-to-a-semi-important-film ensured my interest held throughout whilst Ryan got old-school podcaster Steve of The Film Cynics to guest on his show. My point is, you don't need to have seen The Ides of March to enjoy both podcasts.

Finally, I have always loved Julian Starks ongoing coverage as to who will win the Oscars... and, now this are beginning to heat up, he writes about the campaigns that Sony is pushing. Don't forget to have a gander at the films he has highlighted may be the forerunners...

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  1. Your site is looking great. Small changes yield big improvements. And how are you writing so much. Truly impressive stuff! Keep it up.

  2. Thanks Rhys. I am finding it an easy way to comment on news articles for the time being - analysis on films takes much longer to prepare!


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