Saturday, 15 October 2011

Tintin Reviews Coming In ...

I'll keep my stuff brief but, suffice to say, the reviews are coming in now thick and fast with Europe's release date next week...

Empire giving it a 4/5 star review and noting that "the script struggles to be out-and-out funny" especially regarding Thomson and Thompson but ultimately "Action-packed, gorgeous, and faithfully whimsical: Hergé thought Spielberg the only director capable of filming Tintin. He was onto something"

Total Film rating it 3/5 and specifying how "older viewers may feel there’s not enough lift in the quiff." and the comparison to Indiana Jone's is re-stated when they state "It’s very busy and yes, very Indy". Got to admit, the Total Film clan do not seem to be ovewhelmed by it.

I have had a gander at a few others - Wikipedia noting the European Press Le Soir, Le Figaro and La Libre Belgique - and, the basic argument is that it is a technically brilliant film but, understandably, pitched to a young audience with slapstick humour and funny-dog jokes. These little nuggets will help me go in expecting a film tailored to my inner-child rather than expecting something more sinister.

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