Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Preparing for a New Year and a New Start!

Changes must be made.

Over the last couple of months, I have lost followers. An all-time high of 91, I was excited that I was heading towards 100! But alas, it changed direction and now sits, sadly, at 88.

But then, on the other side, my traffic has increased! This whole blogging thing is a tricky business it seems ...

So I ask you! What can I do to improve?

Is the layout any good? Do you want more lists? Are the posts simply too long?

In terms of my writing - does it ramble on too much? maybe, as fellow bloggers, you may see rookie-mistakes in my writing - Do tell me how I can improve on these!

For me, I hope that this becomes more of a library to dip into (Access to different theories and interpretations of films, franchises and constructs of cinema) rather than a news-feed.
Is this realistic? Does anyone actually look at the older analysis and reviews using the side bars?

The A-Z posts?
The Franchise Posts - Rocky, Star Wars and Saw...?

I think the big question is What do you like?

What brings you to this blog in the first place?

Please comment below or email me directly! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
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