Monday, 19 December 2011

The Ultimate Christmas Present! (Part Two)

This is possibly the most important film of my life ... possibly...

Way back on 31st August 2010, I released a post (which I re-released yesterday ...) only to find that the second part of the film (the best half) was unavailable on YouTube.

Since then, it has re-appeared giving you the final chapter in the Kung Fu story.

Please note that this was made in 2004/2005, and I was but a wee boy - as was Jo - but we all had a great time making the film. Crucially, much of the game-like joke preceded Scott Pilgrim in a big way so, Edgar Wright, believe me - we were there first! Before even YouTube was invented!

I hope you enjoy the film - we spent many-a-day whereby we sacrificed crucial marks on our degree to create this work of Art ...

Have you made any Uni-Films of a similar nature? If so - please comment below!

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