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The Weekly Review: 04/06/2012

A weekly round-up of what I have been watching, listening to and discussing. Inspired by Ryan's 'Days of the Week' posts, this is a bit more all-encompassing as I think my interest in cinema and art crosses over and between a variety of sources...

End of Half-Term. Results sent off. This holiday is much deserved and with good friends staying for the weekend, I already feel like I have relaxed alot. Hence the lateness of this post. My brother and I spent a night in, whereby we scanned over some classic scenes of Jurassic Park too on Blu-Ray - it is simply unbelievable how well those SFX stand-up. Its only the pastel-colours that haven't stood the test of time. Even Malcolm's 'leather-and-glasses' combo is out-of-date.

Highlight of the Week:

Waste Land - I watched this at The London Film Festival in 2010 (and you can still listen to the episode) and bought the DVD only recently. Sarah on the other hand, had never seen it before. It really is an incredible documentary - better than Inside Job (The competitor which won Best Documentary at the Oscars) and, in my opinion, it is much stronger than Exit Through The Giftshop, another art-documentary released the same year. As playful and 'fun' as Exit Through The Giftshop is, Waste Land shows how profound and life-changing art can be. The art pieces Vik Muniz creates change the lives of his models - it changed some of their goals in life. Art is not expected to control others - but it should open peoples eyes to something. Something they haven't seen before. A brilliant film.


Men In Black 3 - Ready for discussion on the podcast. Next up? The Batman franchise ...

Waste Land - See Above

Super 8 - I'm watching this with the kids in FILMClub. They are all enjoying it, but one student confidently stated how - after watching the film at home - he thought it was great "until the end". I guess I could agree with that.


Tom Jones - Yeah, after last weeks The Voice, I cracked and bought a 'Best Of' Tom Jones. Turns out 'It's Not Unusual', 'She's a Lady' and 'Help Yourself' are the only good tracks. Maybe it'll grow on me.

LAMBcast - The Lammy nominees have been announced. I haven't got a single one. I'm comfortable with that. Well done to everyone who did get nominated!

The Matineecast - Two-time Lammy award-winner - opossibly three... - and its still a great show. Ryan's birthday meant that they discussed High Fidelity with feminist-writer Joanna Chlebus. I can see what Ryan means about the way Rob Gordon (Cusack) becomes a less-likeable guy as you get older. I should rewatch the film but, from what I recall, he cheats and is pretty harsh to the women he has dated. Fact of the matter is, the best sequence is in High Fidelity with Tim Robbins: "So ... shall we leave it at that then..."

David Cross - I had a desperate urge to listen to some of his live stuff. And he remains my favourite stand-up comic. Ever.

TV/Theatre/Art Galleries/Books/Misc

Art Against Knives: The Print Shop - For TQS, I covered this exhibition which is on in Shoreditch. Great cause that highlights some of the truth in East London.

I need to start a new book...

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