Monday, 18 June 2012

Incredible Soundtrack #23: Drive (Martinez)

The music attached to a film creates the environment, I believe, moreso than the literal environment depicted through the visuals...

Though I have not written an analysis, I have stated my stance regarding Drive before. I don't think the film is as good as people make out - it's well made, granted, but it isn't flawless. The soundtrack on the other hand is definitely one of the high points. The film would be ruined without it - seriously, without the soundtrack the film would never get such strong supporters.

Martinez's soundtrack is electronic, evoking the cool of the eighties. I personally think that Drive owes it's style to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City rather than any mark of genius accredited to Winding Refn - and a soundtrack identifying the same era clearly is a necessity if you are trying to place the film in the same type of world.

Interestingly, my choice of tracks are by artists other than Cliff Martinez ... but they all feature on the soundtrack so are very much under Martinez's juristiction

1. Nightcall by Kavinsky and Lovefoxxx - Apparently, Winding Refn chose this song himself  after looking through Johnny Jewel's back-catalogue (Jewel was apparently a 'mixer' for the soundtrack)

2 - Under the Spell by Desire - Akin to Nightcall, this was another amazing track from Johnny Jewel.

5 - Tick of the Clock by The Chromatics - This song was used only recently in an advert for a camera. As soon as it played I knew it. I think Matrinez's entire soundtrack owes something to this song. Moody, steady - very-much like a patient, skilled driver. Again, this is a track which Johnny Jewel is credited for.

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