Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Prepared Podcast #2: Men In Black 3

Started in Summer 2012 and, titled 'The Prepared Podcast', this short series of podcasts are covering film releases that require 'preparation' before viewing. Because, let's be honest, I doubt you are going to watch Men In Black 3 without watching Men In Black and Men In Black II. And if you have only just watched all the films, this is a great way to get a discussion with film-geeks who have prepared in the same way...

Earlier this month, I released an Avengers podcast reflecting on the previous 5-films in the franchise leading up to the latest Marvel installment. But this time, we discuss the film which knocked The Avengers off the pedastool, and took the Box-Office number-one spot - Men In Black 3.

I managed to pull Jess Rogers from Reel Insight into the recording and, as someone who lives very close to New York, it was fitting that I had somebody who was [almost] a New-Yorker to discuss these very Pro-America, Pro-NYC films.

It was alot of fun to record and I'm sure you should pick up a bit of that fun when listening! If you want to subscribe to the podcast via itunes I haven't added the podcast to the itunes library just yet, so go to the top bar of your itunes player and select ADVANCED, then SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST and enter the following RSS feed:

You can obviously just listen to the embedded player below too ...

All the soundtracks are from the appropriate film-release - with classic Will Smith tunes 'Nod Ya Head (The Black Suits are Comin')' and 'Men In Black' with Danny Elfman's memorable scores from all three films.

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