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The Weekly Review: 10/06/2012

A weekly round-up of what I have been watching, listening to and discussing. Rather than just posts about film, this is a bit more all-encompassing as I think my interest in cinema and art crosses over and between a variety of sources...

I have been on holiday for the last week so I have been lucky enough to watch lots of films, go to art galleries, meet up with friends and family and generally relax after a very busy 6-weeks. I was also paid which is always a plus... so be prepared for lots of viewing of The Jason Bourne films, the Jurassic park films and original Batman films. I can't wait!

Highlight of the Week

Tate Modern: Damien Hirst: I started a membership to the Tate art galleries in London. I have meant to do this for a long time, but always held back on the basis that (a) I can normally go with a friend to the galleries on their membership and (b) there are plenty of galleries to visit in London. But I caved because I haven't been in a long time and, despite wanting to go to multiple exhibitions recently, I couldn't go because I always felt that £15 to go to an exhibition is a little bit too much. Anyway, I hope to write a bigger post for TQS about the Damien Hirst exhibition because I truly loved it - but in the meantime, I will simply ask you to look at a skull made outnof diamonds. Just stunning to look at really.


Rock Of Ages - Review coming up on Flickering Myth soon ...

Moonrise Kingdom - If you like Wes Anderson, you'll like this. Also, strangely, the two kids in the film look a little too similar to some friends of mine.

Prometheus - Review is already up - it really is fantastic and anyone who disagrees can watch Avatar.

The Dictator - Sacha Baron Cohen needs to stick to what he does best because, so far, he has only made one good film: Borat.

Batman - Unimpressed. Not as good as everyone made it out to be. Indeed, this is further explored with a fellow blogger in the near future...


Coldplay - Last Monday I watched Coldplay live at the Emirates - absolutely brilliant. I have been humming and singing songs from 'Mylo Xyloto' loads ... but, when they played 'Violet Hill' I remember how good that song is too.

Paul Simon - With 25 years celebrating the release of 'Graceland', Paul Simon has re-released the album and a documentary called Under African Skies is now available. I really want to see the documentary and yet, foolishly, I downloaded the album from itunes, and its not included on the download. Only on the CD/DVD pack in stores.

TV/Theatre/Art Galleries/Books/Misc

Flowers Gallery: Edward Burtynsky & Julie Cockburn - In passing, I visited the gallery with my brother and it was fascinating. Burtynsky has taken photographs of landscapes that almost look like paintings. Its only when you look at the details do you realise the brush strokes are, in fact, tyre-tracks. Cockburn on the other hand has portraits which, again, look like they have been painted upon but, on closer inspiection, the paint-marks are actually sewn-in. A great use of materials.

Roger Ebert: The Great Movies III - I said I would start a new book and I have. Already some facsinating insights into Groundhog Day and Blade Runner and an interesting, negative-take, on The Godfather Part II. As a film-blogger, its important to read as much critic-writing as possible. And there is no finer place to look than Eberts writings.

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