Sunday, 18 April 2010

Bourne's Brain Baffler

Many months ago, Richard Bourne challenged Jo and I to a 10-question quiz - a quiz that, back in the day - was put up onto the internet so everyone could join in. Turned out, some people had a listen to the short quiz and enjoyed it a fair bit.

Consequently, Richard challenged us again and now - due to our switcheroo to - this gave us an ideal opportunity to not only put the previous 'Bourne's Brain Baffler' online but, additionally, a new one for all those who enjoyed it.

Do tell us which questions you liked and if you liked it at all! Though this won't become a weekly thing - more a random 'bonus' every now and then - it is still something that most people should enjoy!


  1. Q: What's the only upside of scoring a pitiful 6/10 on a quiz like this?

    A: Realizing that such a score is good enough to beat both Simon and Jo!!

    Better luck next time gents.

  2. Personally, I clearly have no defence but I hear through the grapevine that another listener got 8/10! 8 out-of-fu**ing 10! I am trying to work out what I should have known and what I can be content to have not known...
    1. I was off-base with this one
    2. My lack of HTTYD knowledge let me down - don't care.
    3. I did not do my Kick-Ass research - should have known.
    4. Know much more RHCP than... not my music
    5. 1 point.
    6. 2 points
    7. Couldn't think... I should have known it.
    8. Not watched enough of 'the animated series' - don't care.
    9. 3 points
    10. Don't care. Not suprised.

    Well done Hatter.

  3. I only got 5/10; did much better with the first Baffler.

    The only reason I knew the Nanny McPhee one (which I haven't seen) is b/c a similar homage was used in Children of Men and I later read in the IMDb trivia that it was inspired by Pink Floyd.

  4. Well done Rachel! Personally, I preferred the first one - if not, simply for the variety of film-history, rather than this 'contemporary' style.

  5. Re. number four...

    You're British, you have no excuse. Your botching a Pink Floyd question (and a gift at that) is like me whiffing on a Neil Young question.


  6. Well done to all! I did feel that this one would be a much trickier set with questions about a few off radar films! Hope you enjoyed the challang all the same.
    Battersea power station (and indeed the flying pig) crops up quite a lot in film and tv - very iconic building! I remembered the reference in children of men also- great film! Do I recall correctly that they used batersea power station for the exterior but Tate modern as the interior. Interesting. While on the topic - children of men is one of a select group of films that I feel is better than it's original source - the book read as if it exists in the same universe but with a very different and not as fulfilling plot. Does anybody else have a film that they feel fits this bracket? ( kick Ass maybe Jo?)

  7. Richard-One film I always thought far surpassed the book was The Godfather. The film trims all the excess fat (i.e. boring subplots with expendable characters) and gets to the heart of the story.


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