Friday, 2 April 2010

The Simon and Jo Film Show: 02/04/2010

A reboot to the current programme - Simon and Jo review Kick-Ass and then take you throught he news and current releases. Simon continues his quest for the Understanding of The Coen brothers by watching The Hudsucker Proxy and Burn After Reading while, as a lovely Easter treat, we discuss Gibsons Passion of the Christ.

We discuss the trailers for Salt, The A-Team and The Expendables.

All music is from the Kickass Soundtrack.

Links discussed:
He Shot Cyrus - the Website Simon 'won' on.
/Filmcast - The website that was first to tell me about Independence Day 2 and 3 and the cancellation of 24
Prince Charles Cinema - the cinema that Jo shall be watching Grindhouse and 2001:A Space Odyssey at this week!


  1. Loved this episode. Great job as always and I can't wait to see Kick-Ass

  2. You lads gave me a good laugh when Jo mentioned that "Perhaps he couldn't identify with the character of Jesus our Lord and Saviour"

    Great show as usual guys - keep it coming!

  3. Had to skip over the Kick-Ass review for obvious reasons.

    RE Burn After Reading - Simon, I was a bit shocked to hear how much you liked it, because your reasons for doing so sound just like someone who would like/love The Big Lebowski (yeah, I can't let that one go, either). Where was your quest for inspiration from the characters? They're both shells of story surrounded by colorful characters, if not buffoons, with the films made all the better by their terrific ensemble casts and the music and other stylistic touches the Coens offer.

    That said, I didn't like BAR nearly as much as Lebowski, but I did enjoy it. And that's about all I have to say about that. [/Gump]

    I dig the Hudsucker Proxy, too, for what it's worth, though Leigh has always bugged the crap outta me. "Ya know - for kids!" It's silly, but in a good way.

    Highlight of the show for me was the discussion of Independence Day 2 and 3. I was crackin' up.

    Which podcast hosting site did you guys say you were on?

  4. @Travis - thanks Travis! Listening to the latest demented encyclopedia! thanks for the shout-out! I believe our podcasts have some type of cyber-relationship. But alas, I shall leave the details on your podcast page...

    @Mad Hatter - it is funny with our 'Passion' review. I had to be really careful not to get too preachy - didn't want to become 'The Simon and Jo Homily Show'

    @Fletch - You're right about the 'bums' in both Lebowski and Burn - but at least Clooney had a goal. He was working on something ... which we eventually see. Happy days and very funny. I think the lack of inspiration, lack of centre-point ... ultimately lack of purpose was the foundations of Burn. Thats what makes it so funny. Opposed to Lebowkski, whereby it is about the missing money and the missing daughter and the dude simply happens to be a bum. The Dude could have been a different character in the situation and it would have still been the same story - though not as funny i guess. While in Burn, the completely aimless lifestyle of Pitt/McDormand and the lack of direction following his dismissal for Malkovich and the selfishness of Clooney - this is what the film is about. Their aimless and pointless lives make the definitive focus and goal of the CIA or NSA or whatever an incredible contrast - and ultimately screws up the 'controlled surveillance' because the actions of these people are so random and aimless.

    Hudsucker is good - but its weak compared to all the other Coens films. It is silly - but I can imagine watching it with someone else and feeling really embarressed about the choice of film.

    ID2 ... what the hell will it be about...

    Oh yeah, PODOMATIC...remember PODOMATIC! i still have problems with the last one... motherf ... at mypodcast...


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