Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Simon and Jo Film Show: 25/04/2010

This week we begin at the Tate Modern Art Gallery, near Blackfriars. The film of the week is ‘The Ghost’ or ‘The Ghost Writer’ in America. The usual banter on the Top 5 London Box-Office and obviously lots of news on the delayed Bond franchise and ongoing and continuous release of Avatar and, the plonker that is, Sam Worthington.

The second chunk is an Art-related/Brosnan-related caper that is, effectively, a guilty pleasure.

For Bournes Brain Baffler:
4 - Fletch from Blog Cabins - 3/10
4 - Simon from Screen Insight – 3/10
3 - Jo from Screen Insight– 5/10
3 - Rachel from Rachels Reel Reviews – 5/10
2 - Mad Hatter from The Dark of the Matinee – 6/10
1 - Emlyn – 8/10

[If you have your own results, do email me them or comment on the appropriate post and I’ll put your link up… of course, anyone could lie but the assumption is, you don’t.]

All music is by Alexandre Desplat from ‘The Ghost’ soundtrack.


  1. random note- how is 'The Lovely Bones' in your top films of 2010 and 'Kick-Ass' isnt!?!

    Bangor Rep

  2. Can you guys do a new episode every day? Listening to your podcast makes my workout much less painful.

  3. @ Bangor Rep - its out of date. I shall try and update it...

    @Rachel - That would be the dream - be paid for what we love doing! watching and talking about films!

  4. Damn - I thought I gave my comments/score on the last Bourne Baffler somewhere, but I can't find it. I think I would've tied with Simon. Ugh. (No offense.)

    I'm more in line w/ Simon as well when it came to The Ghost (Writer). It's no masterpiece, but it's not shoddy; it's a perfectly decent thriller, and I quite liked the ending - much better than it could have been with a tidy bow and all that. 6 or 7/10.

    Dug the love for The Thomas Crown Affair. Just another in the long line of great 1999 movies. Russo occasionally gets on my nerves in it, but all in all, it's a sweet, sweet heist flick - perhaps more style over substance, but it's some good style. I can't remember the music that plays in the beginning, but I have fond memories of the soundtrack overall, particularly the track that plays during the climax. Fantastic ending to the flick.

    Glad you guys weren't hit by a car in that last bit. Are you normally walking and talking for the show? It seems like you're typically in a seated position.

  5. @ Fletch - your scores are now added. I feel better about my low score now. That Nina Simone track - 'Sinnerman' is incredible in that finale. Its a shame it was used in car adds a decade later.

    Yeah, normally, we are seated.


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