Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Simon and Jo Film Show: 11/04/2010

This week Simon and Jo cover all three Bourne films: The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum. They then discuss the new releases and Top 5 London Box-Office and then continue their quests - Simon watching anotherBest Picture Academy Award Winner and Jo watching another 'Sci-Fi' classic at The Prince Charles Cinema.

Links for things discussed in this epidsode:

Mike at  GMAM - aka: Got Me A Movie - reviews Kick-Ass
The LAMB celebrate the 500th Movie Blog ... there are so-o-o many!

Music is from The Bourne Identity - with a few tracks by Moby (Extreme Ways) and Paul Oakenfold (Ready, Steady, Go!)


  1. Great cast guys! Interesting take on the Bourne Trilogy I loved the descriptions of each of the films - that was bang on. I actually love Identity and have watched it a lot, and it has Marie! I like the story elements of it with action as opposed to the other two feel like action films with story.

    I’m always confused over the Bond vs Bourne thing… can’t we like ‘em both? I do!

    Although I loved Whip It I think it’s fair call to skip it, so far I don’t know any guys who really connected to it.

    Loved your Odyssey pics of the week. One thing with Kramer vs Kramer is I think it was one of if not the first dramas to talk about divorce in a time where it really started to become way more common.

    2001 – still haven’t made it through, too scary! Seeing it on the big screen sounds like it was an amazing experience!

    Date Night was pretty fun, although most of the good jokes are in the preview. The film still has a fair amount to offer, it’s funny, throws in some action and actual pretty good relationship stuff too. Be very interesting to see how it does.

  2. @Movie Moxie - I think I have now decided that I do indeed like them both. But, I don't like The Bourne Identity ... akin to how I don't care much for, say, Diamonds Are Forever.

    You should watch 2001...AT the cinema. Thats the main thing. Then again, it might be a better idea to watch 2001 on dvd and then watch it in the cinema so you are watching the beauty of it and not struggling -as I did to follow the [nonexistent] narrative.

  3. Great song to start it off with. I need to get an MP3 of that song or some other Moby compilation with it on there. Don't think I've got it just yet, and it's a song I always forget about until the end of Identity...unless I hear it on a certain podcast.

    I'm in what's now the minority w/ the Bourne films. I really enjoyed the first upon seeing it in the theater and my love for it has only grown. Just a solid, no b.s. actioner with a ton of actors I admire. Well-written, great locales, kickass (yet still believable action). Love it.

    Also, I should mention that, despite two big misses (Jumper and Mr./Mrs. Smith), I still have a season pass for Doug Liman. Swingers, of course, but he made one of my all-time favorites in Go. Christ, I love that movie.

    The latter Bournes, while terrific, bugged me with the incessant - here it comes - shaky cam that Greengrass is so in love with. If it were used sparingly and/or had action scenes that were still able to be seen at all, I might like him more, but as it is, he just annoys me. He gets in the way of his talents...and the writing...and the acting.

    Jo with the line of the 'cast when talking about Cameron: "or maybe he could just shoot his own head off" (or something like that). Ha! Ruthless, that Jo.

    Still have the latter third of the show to listen to tomorrow on the commute, but great show thus far.

    And of course, thanks much for the (multiple) shout-out(s).

  4. On the subject of Doug Liman I feel compelled to raise a quick defence of Mr & Mrs Smith. I really like it.

    It's kinda cool, kinda funny and kinda sexy. The chemistry between Jolie and Pitt is weird because they mentally there is distrust and attempts to keep a certain distance but physically obviously they are both phenomenally attracted to each other. When you add in that they have double identities as boring yuppies and skillful assassins gives this constant tension regarding what they're going to do. I find it solidly entertaining, where's the down side?

    However Liman currently seems pretty stuck trying to create a sustainable franchise/series in film/TV. It'll be interesting to see his take on the Valerie Plame story, perhaps he's following Greengrass into trickier poltical waters.

  5. I have to say, I thought I was alone in preferring the Bourne sequels. Say what you want about Greengrass' shaky-cam but the man knows how to stage an action sequence. I thought it was a perfect fit.

    Thank you for the shout out guys.


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