Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Across the Blogosphere...

In an attempt to become more prolific, I thought now might be a good opportunity to stick up some links to blogs primarily - but other such exciting things on the world wide web that I have stumbled across over the past week for you to enjoy. I can only pray that nothing gets repeated in the podcast but we do often find exceptionally new news for the podcast whereas this is more of a 'round-up' of the other chunk that attracted my attention.

First up, The Kid the Front Row found a fascinating video of Tom Hanks at a Sony conference - yes, he is smug but he is intelligent, witty and knows how to say 'contractual obligations'...

Second, so-o-o-o many people are doing this TV-meme thing, talking about favourite TV shows, shows that need more publicity, etc. Amongst them Rachel at Rachels Reel Reviews, Random Ramblings...Doorknob and The Movie Encyclopedia .... I wish I could do it myself but I fear I have missed the boat.

Thirdly, the LAMMY's are being announced as we speak ... for me, this is a great way to find out about Blogs I haven't heard about for whatever reason and follow them for a bit, dipping my toe in the water of their blog-ness. Award-winning blogs such as Invasion of the B-Movies, She Blogged by Night and Final Girl are some of the new blogs I am now following...


  1. It goes without saying that I'm quite a fan of this feature. It's good both for staying in the flow of writing often, and of building the community.

    Nicely done sir!

  2. Indeed you guys are prolific as of late. Nice!

    I just can't commit to that TV meme thing. 30 straight days? Maybe some other time...

  3. The TV Meme is kicking my butt since not only am I trying to stay on top of my regular daily features, plus adding a podcast, but June is also a super busy month at home with birthdays and anniversaries. I'll breathe a small sigh of relief come July 1st.


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