Monday, 14 June 2010

Favourite Film Faces #1: Jack Lemmon in The Apartment

Having just watched Billy Wilder's the Apartment for the first time ever, I cannot believe how great it is! Nevertheless, to kick-off the 'Favourite Faces' blog posts I have selected Jack Lemmon - and the moment he realises that, having brought a girl back to his apartment, no other than Ms Kublick (Shirley Maclaine) is sleeping in his bed ...

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  1. For the first time? I'm jealous, it's always great to see classics like these for the first time.

  2. @Andrew - well, i've watched it now. Next up, Sunset Boulevard!

    @Danny - it suu-u-u-u-ure is [a great movie]

  3. wow, seeing The Apartment for the first time... such an incredible experience. I can't remember my first time.

    This is my favorite American movie. Absolute genius.

    I recommend downloading and printing the screenplay. Yes, you waste a lot of ink and paper.. but as you sit and read it you'll be in complete heaven I promise!!


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