Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Across The Blogosphere...

Due to my ongoing problem about gaining internet at my home (alas, I only have it at work!) I am still un-prolific on the grand scheme of things but obviously, the 'Favourite Film Faces' and 'Across The Blogosphere' posts must be continued ... and the podcast continues too.

So, in the style of The Fast Show: "This week I have been mostly reading ..."

Tom Clift on 'Plus Trailers' finally puts together his Top Films of 2009 - it is always good when you revisit these lists of years gone by. The travesty of having 'The Box' making the top 10 whilst 'The Hurt Locker' doesn't is beyond me. Though some may be happy (Jo, you mothf....) that 'Watchmen' is somewhere in the list ... something I particularly think is ridiculous.

Movies and Other Things report the cast announced for M. Night Shyamalans film post-Airbender. First off, Willis was in 'The Sixth Sense' and 'Unbreakable' and, Shyamalan does make 'classic' films. 'The Sixth Sense', 'Unbreakable', 'Signs' and 'The Village' are all incredible films ... though we shall have to see if 'Lady...Water' and 'The Happening' get more popular in time. I must say, since'The Lady in the Water' was released more and more people have come round to it. Sarah tells me it is her favourite Shyamalan movie!

Fletch see's debt troubles highlighting a troubled man in debt, whilst a friend of mine who changed from her blog from originally being a Travel blog to a not-so-much-travelling-but-pregnant blog discusses the latest difficulties during pregnancy. Thought I'd throw in a random blog amongst all the film banter just in case a preggers blog-reader wants some mutual understanding.

Large Association of Movie Blogs

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  1. Yea, I don't think I'm ever going to come 'round on Lady in the Water. That was a stinker. The Village...sure, but not Lady, and most certainly not The Gawdwaful Happening.

    I, too, enjoyed The Box, but more as a comedy. I know Tom's been a backer of it since the beginning, but that is indeed egregious, and I was never all that bowled over by The Hurt Locker. A very good action film, but IB was the Best Pic last year in my eyes.

    Thanks for the linky love, Simon. Finished the last show today as well - you're certainly more inclined to enjoy the 'classics' than me, so it was kind of nice to hear you bag on Shane a bit. Gonna have to say "Jo, you were right" on that one, though.


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