Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Simon and Jo Revealed in the Summer...

Some new videos filmed right outside Buckingham Palace ... obviously, when you hear my reaction to Jo's choice of top-film-of-the-summer, this was filmed before the last podcast because my view on it has changed...

Apologies about the lighting in the second video ... the question is this: bad lighting and buckingham palace? or good lighting and park in front of buckingham palace? [Like Big Brother] You decide.

We do have a bunch more videos and - on the right hand-side bar, or here - you just need to click on the link to be hooked up to all the previous videos we have done!

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  1. Somehow this summer moves quite slow. There are number of films that failed to show good progression at box office. But one that I still can't wait is of course "Inception". Hope it will finally spices this tasteless summer.

  2. @Jaccstev - hence 'Inception' is the only one both Jo and I are rooting for!

  3. ah, bummer, I've expected the queen to appear in the second video!

  4. DEZMOND, she was holding the camera ...

  5. what??? And you didn't bow?????? What blasphemy :) What kind of movies, do you think Queen Lizzy watches?


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