Thursday, 2 December 2010

Favourite Film Faces #15: James Earl Jones in 'The Lion King'

Unlike most people, I first saw James Earl Jones not as Vader or Mufasa - but as the presenter of 'The Making of Jurassic Park' documentary. A VHS copy hunted down in a Virgin Megastore back in the day.

After that, I knew James Earl Jones as Mufasa.

Then, in 2005, as Darth Vader. Well, I knew he was Vader, but I only watched the 'original' trilogy for the first time in 2005 across three days, as I watched all six Star Wars films chronologically.

Amazing how such a booming voice can be so useable (a better word? anyone?)... because, no-one watches The Lion King and thinks that Vader's voice doesn't work because it sure as hell does work.

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  1. Really love Lion King! One of the best animated movie I saw.


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