Monday, 6 December 2010

Simon (without Jo) Prepares For 'Catfish'...

Jo and I have every intention of releasing more videos but, for obvious reasons, they take a little time to put together. We have a few stalled and ready to release at the appropriate time and, it has got to the point, whereby this video has purpose.

The release of Catfish is upon us in England and, luckily, Simon managed to see it a little earlier than young Jo. But Jo has every intention of seeing it ... and indeed he will see it soon enough ... and together we shall discuss it ...

But, as a way of preparing for our review of Catfish ...

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  1. That was a neat little detour - I never did hear the full review of your trip to America. How did you like it (and that "London" pub)? How did Cinemark theaters compare to the Clapham (sp?) Picturehouse? Not favorably, I'd imagine.

    I saw Catfish some time ago. Interesting if not spectacular, and impressive regardless what with being such a small film. I really enjoyed the transitions and use of technology. Very 21st century.

    By the way, not sure where else to put this, but is it just me or did you alter the site a bit after being the LAMB of the Week? Lookin' good around here...

  2. Yeah, America was good. The London pub was brilliant with some nice whiskey-ale. The Cinemark Theatres seemed to be much like Odeon or Cineworld, which we have here in the UK.

    I'll get into specifics about CATFISH soon enough on the podcast - the question is, do we spoil or not? Chances are we won't ...but the discussion post-viewing is always interesting!

    Yeah, took on board all the advice yourself and Jess gave. Certain things are a little more difficult to do - changing the site name for example. Believe me, if I could simply 'erase' all the 'entertain me' and 'knowing views' aliases, I would ... but I am worried everyone would have difficulty finding me and then ... im lost. A friend changed his site a while back and it was continually difficult to find the correct link to the site - i don't want that to happen to me! additionally, colour ... I have to decide on a colour scheme to associate myself with ... its a tough call...

  3. I've been to Lexington once, about 3 years ago. It was a nice town and wouldn't have minded moving there if my husband would've matched in his residency there. Didn't visit the pub though. Glad you had a good trip to this side of the pond.

  4. I think I recall someone mentioning Little Rock on a podcast referring to where you live... I think, with my brother living in Arkansas aswell, you Rachel, are the most likely blogger I shall meet! My Mum and Dad said that if I was to see him, Little Rock is the airport I would go to...

  5. That would be awesome, Simon! If you make it over here to see him, let me know and we'll have to get together.


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