Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone - Back in 1993...

I begged Mum for the Jeep. I absolutely begged but, alas, Mum tells me it was sold out. There was no chance. It was gone. "Santa" might be able ... but, we all know about the difficulties there.

Hopes were dashed, I flicked through the Argos catalogue... the dirty, brown-and-red jeep. Obviously that one hadn't sold out. Who on earth would want that crappy toy.

I wanted the bright green-and-yellow, Jungle Explorer. Missiles fired from the back (I don't recall these in the film) and a small-part that could break away from the front. Best friend Richard Fenn had the tyrannosaur - in the Primary School playground, we would be able to set-up the real Jurassic Park.

I had Alan Grant, multi-jointed whilst Graham - the Bangor Rep - had Dennis Nedry and a Dilophosaur...

But there, in my little present pile sat one box... one big box ... oh ... my ... go-o-o-o-od...

That was Christmas '93 in The Columb Family Household

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  1. Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Singapore, Simon! May your holiday be magical and your blessings be many!

  2. Thanks Jaccstev - enjoy Singapore!


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