Monday, 20 December 2010

TSAJFS: 19/12/2010 Catfish/The Girl Who Kicked a Hornet's Nest

Season's Greetings Simon and Jo Film Show listeners! This weeks vaguely festive offering comes to you from South London with reviews, news and rand
om banter. Jo has finally caught up with Simon and seen the controversially weird Catfish. We will briefly discuss the film without spoilers during the episode and then go deeper into the issues at the very end, there will be plenty of warning if you want to avoid that particular spoilerific chat. Simon then shows his completist side by talking about the final part of The Girl trilogy as Lisbeth Salander kicks a Hornet's Nest, a film Jo avoided like the plague.
Hearty congratulations to Movies and Other Things by Julian Stark which is the Blog of the Week and features some intriguing Oscar predictions. The Prince Charles Cinema is awesome and has been running great some twitter competitions while Alistair Mills is our Favourite Facebook User. Listen to our take on that Scarlett Johansson news, which prompts Simon into an unlikely invitation.
The music this week comes from Catfish, including the version of Tennessee Stud by Suzanna Choffel which features in the film and is available to watch on YouTube;

Alas we'll be away next week for Christmas but the weekend after we'll be right back with an End of Year show that will rank the stuff we've seen in the cinema this year. There will be the best and worst of 2010 which will undoubtedly result in some kind of argument. There will be blood. Probably.
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