Friday, 1 April 2011

Across the Blogosphere...

Its been a long time since I have written a linkage post. Since the finish of the podcast, I have tried to ensure that the site is as accessible as possible. Those A-Z's continue, the Incredible Soundtrack's have reached their fourth post whilst a new Top 5 List was created through the recent spat of music-in-movies obsession begun by Anomalous Materials and his Desert Island 'Movie' CD's.

There has also been some recent passings in the death of Elizabth Taylor and Farley Granger. Interestingly enough, though Taylor is much more of an icon, I have seen more Farley Granger films in Strangers on a Train and Rope than the zero films I have seen with Taylor in. At any rate, the Hitchcock Geek discusses the passing of Granger whilst A Shround of Thoughts discusses the passing of Taylor.

Last year, Blog Cabins had a beast Ladies of the 80's Tournament and so, inevitably, he has followed this up with the Ladies of the 90's Tournament that is currently running. Its a strange beast these tournaments ...  pitting hotties against each other. Hot or Not. Reminds me of The Social Network and the first Fash Mash - "Left", "Left", "Left", "Right", "Left"...

The Dark of the Matinee is always celebrated across the Blog world - and with good reason - especially as he has written a pretty controversial post about Americanism in movies. I was halfway through writing a comment and my laptop shutdown so I never replied to his post. But I will do in due course... because he has got a point.

Finally, a friend of mine, Mark, wrote a great post pondering 'What If..' Ronald Reagan died from his wounds following the assasination attempt on his life. What has this got to do with films? Well, indeed the reason the assasinator attempted to kill Reagan was because he wanted the attention of Jodie Foster...
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  1. Thanks for the plug my good man. Putting together that post stressed me out more than any other I've done in close to four years on The Matinee...and I've felt nothing but pride and encouragement from the discussion it has spawned.

  2. It was ballsy - but I'm interested in the issue. I would write more but I will write it as a comment on the post itself instead.


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