Saturday, 2 April 2011

'Screen Insight' Statistics (March)

Taking a little idea started on fellow Lib-Dem Blogger Mark, I thought I'd give a run down on some statistics for this blog. Since the move from the previous blog url ( there has been an inevitable drop it hits, but it is steadily building up again. More importantly the bounce rate is substantially lower and the average time on the site is much higher than on the previous site. So, although the move has lost a few hits, it has gained a more quality readership. Obviously, thanks to all the folks who have continued to support the blog since that change over.

The most popular posts in the last month are as follows:

10. Incredible Soundtracks #4: The Village
9. A-Z: #50 The Color Purple
8. Incredible Soundtracks #1: A Single Man
7. Incredible Soundtracks #3: The Million Dollar Hotel
6. Incredible Soundtracks #2: The Social Network
5. 'Clock' by Christian Marclay
4. A-Z: #48 Closer
3. Redline (Takeshia Koike, 2010)
2. Boardroom Meeting with Zack Snyder
1. Top 5 'U2' Tracks Used in Cinema/TV

It's worth noting that 2, 3 and 10 were only released in the last week so it is clear that the site is getting that little bit more popular lately as the new URL is coming up on search-sites.

Secondly, despite the lack of comments on a few of the 'Incredible Soundtracks' posts, they are ultimately getting the most hits - moreso than the multiple 'A-Z' posts which have been posted in the last month - only two of which manage to make the Top 10.

Finally, I have found that posts about art galleries often make an appearance high up on the list. This may be something to do with the lack of information on the internet. If you are looking for a review on a popular film, i'll be the last place someone will look at using Google, whilst I may be amongst the top 10 sites about a specific art gallery, showing a specific work of art by a specific artist. The last analysis of Art - at The Saatchi Gallery - not only got a huge bunch of hits, but additionally had an artist commenting on the post! Mental.

Remember to use the search-bars on the left as everything is easily accessible and the reviews are not bound by time, in that, rather than being reviews, they are more an analysis of the themes and ideas post-viewing.
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  1. Yeah, I imagine the soundtrack posts and the art exhibition posts get quite a few Google searchers landing here, whilst the A-Z posts put you in competition with the thousands of other sites with posts on the same movies. Sometimes I'm jealous of niche bloggers, since they get targeted searchers landing on their pages, and I think you're getting a taste of that.

    Glad the move is treating you well!

  2. Well, its always good to do something a little different - rather than repeating the same things again and again. In fairness, there is only so many reviews someone can read of SOURCE CODE. I wouldn't say the move is a resounding success yet - again - the numbers at at a low still, but at least the readership is more successful.


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